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Global and Mobile Health, Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Nutrition, Microfluidics and Photonics


Interested in Joining the Erickson Lab?

PhD, MS and M.Eng Positions Available

Ph.D. Positions – Already admitted to Cornell Ph.D. Program

The Erickson lab has several open Ph.D. positions for students who have already been admitted to Ph.D. program at Cornell in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Applied Physics, or Electrical Engineering (other fields will also be considered). If you are interested in joining our lab it is recommended that you send Professor Erickson an email stating your interest as early as possible in the Fall term and set up an appointment.

Ph.D. Positions – Not yet admitted to Cornell Ph.D. Program

Every year new Ph.D. students join our lab. Generally speaking research topics are matched to the student’s interest but typically fall under the categories listed on our research page. Further information on our research is also available from our recent publications.

To be eligible to join our lab, students must be admitted into the PhD program at Cornell University, typically in the graduate fields of Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering or Applied Physics. Information on these programs is available through the links below. These sites also have comprehensive lists of frequently asked questions which might be of interest to you.

Though Mechanical Engineering is generally preferred, one thing to keep in mind is that it is often best to apply to the department that best fits your background since some departments have specific program requirements (like qualifying exams in related technical subjects). Information on these requirements is best obtained from the links above. Please note that the admissions deadlines for these programs are typically in late December or early January for Fall admissions. Applicants who apply outside of the regular cycle are not considered for admission.

Interested students are also welcome to send ONE email (and ONE follow up if desired) to which contains a C.V. detailing your background, any publications and research interests. Please note that due to the volume of emails received unfortunately most inquiries cannot be responded to directly but you can be assured that it has been received. Students who send multiple spam emails to Professor Erickson will not be considered for admission.

Master of Science, Master of Engineering and Undergraduate Positions

For motivated Master of Science, Master of Engineering and Undergraduates students interested in pursuing research in microfluidics, optofluidics or mobile health there are occasionally projects available. Typically these projects involve independent research work, in collaboration with a Ph.D. student or post-doc. The projects can be either numerical or experimental in nature. We strongly prefer to involve M.Eng. students in research starting at the beginning of the fall term through the end of the spring term (an 8 month project). If you are interested please contact Professor Erickson.