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Global and Mobile Health, Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Nutrition, Microfluidics and Photonics

Patents and IP

Below a list of the IP developed by the Erickson lab, with Cornell Docket Numbers included. Included papers are included to illustrate use of IP but are not comprehensive of the claims nor does inclusion imply original inventorship on behalf of the authors. Further details on this IP can be obtained from Professor Erickson or the Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise and Commercialization.

  1. NutriCard: multiplex point-of-care test for blood nutritional biomarkers
    Cornell Docket: 7260
    Provisional Patent Filed
    Licensed by VitaMe Technologies, Inc. (DBA VitaScan)
  2. Competitive lateral flow assay for point-of-care quantification of blood vitamin B12 and vitamin D levels
    Related Paper #1: Vemulapati, S., Rey, E., O’Dell, D.O., Mehta, S., Erickson, D., “A Quantitative Point-of-Need Assay for the Assessment of Vitamin D3 Deficiency” Under Review (2017)
    Related Paper #2: Lee, S., O’Dell, D., Hohenstein, J., Colt, S., Mehta, S., Erickson, D., “NutriPhone: a mobile platform for low-cost point-of-care quantification of vitamin B12 concentrations” Scientific Reports 6, 28237 (2016)
    Cornell Docket: 7259
    PCT Application Filed
    Licensed by VitaMe Technologies, Inc. (DBA VitaScan)
  3. Apparatus and method for point-of-collection measurement of a biomolecular reaction
    Related Paper #1: Erickson, D., O’Dell, D., Jiang, L., Gumus, A., Lee, S., Mancuso, M., Mehta, S., “Smartphone technology can be transformative to the deployment of lab-on-chip diagnostics” Lab-on-a-Chip 14, 3159-3164 (2014).
    Related Paper #2: Mancuso, M., Cesarman, E., Erickson, D. “Detection of Kaposi’s Sarcoma Associated Herpes Virus Nucleic Acids Using a Smartphone Accessory” Lab-on-a-Chip 14 3809-3816 (2014).
    Cornell Docket: 6044
    Patent Issued: US 9,686,395
    Patent Filed: China 201380058363
    Patent Filed: Europe 20130837536
    Licensed by VitaMe Technologies, Inc. (DBA VitaScan)
  4. Smartphone-Based Apparatus and Method for Obtaining Repeatable, Quantitative Colorimetric Measurement
    Related Paper #1: Erickson, D., O’Dell, D., Jiang, L., Oncescu, V., Gumus, A., Lee, S., Mancuso, M., Mehta, S. “Smartphone technology can be transformative to the deployment of lab-on-chip diagnostics” 14, 3159-3164 Lab-on-a-Chip (2014).
    Related Paper #2: Oncescu, V., Mancuso, M., Erickson, D. “Cholesterol testing on a smartphone” Lab-on-a-Chip, 14, 759-763 (2014).
    Related Paper #3: Oncescu, V., O’Dell, D., Erickson, D., “Smartphone based health accessory for colorimetric detection of biomarkers in sweat and saliva” Lab on a Chip, 13, 3232-3238 (2013)
    Cornell Docket: 6152
    Patent Issued: US 9,445,749
    Patent Filed: China 201480017254
    Patent Filed: Europe EP20140740730
    Licensed by VitaMe Technologies, Inc. (DBA VitaScan)
  5. Photobioreactor Apparatus, Method and Application
    Related Paper #1: Ahsan, S.S., Pereyra, B., Jung, E.E., Erickson, D. “Engineered surface scatterers in edge-lit slab waveguides to improve light delivery in algae cultivation” Optics Express 22, A1526 (2014).
    Related Paper #2: Jung, E.E., Jain, A., Voulis, N., Doud, D.D.R., Angenent, L.T., Erickson, D. “Stacked optical waveguide photobioreactor for high density algal cultures” Bioresource Technology 171, 495-499 (2014).
    Related Paper #3: Jain A., Voulis N., Jung E. E., Doud D. F. R., Miller W., Angenent L. T. and Erickson D. “Optimal intensity and biomass density for biofuel production in a thin light-path photobioreactor”. Environmental Science & Technology, 49(10), 6327-6334 (2015)
    Doud D. F. R., Jain A., Ahsan S. S., Erickson D. and Angenent L. T. “In-situ UV disinfection of a waveguide-based photobioreactor” Environmental Science & Technology 48, 11521-11526 (2014).
    Cornell Docket 6147
    Patent Issued: US 9,523,070
  6. Methods, systems, and applications for solar-thermal microfluidic PCR
    Related Paper #1: Jiang, L., Mancuso, M., Lu, Z., Akar, G., Cesarman, E., Erickson, D. “Solar thermal polymerase chain reaction for smartphone-assisted molecular diagnostics” Nature Scientific Reports, 4, 4137 (2014)
    Cornell Docket 6032
    US Patent Issued: 14/429,407 (Patent number not issued as of July 2017)
  7. Microfluidic Device, System, and Method for Tracking Single Cells and Single Cell Lineages
    Related Paper #1: Mak, M., Erickson, D., “Mechanical Decision Trees for Investigating and Modulating Single-Cell Cancer Invasion Dynamics” Lab-on-a-Chip 14, 964 (2014).
    Related Paper #2: Mak, M., Erickson, D., “Mak, M., Erickson, D., “A simple automated serial micropipette with applications to cancer cell repeated deformation studies” Integrated Biology, 5, 1374-1384 (2013).
    Related Paper #3: Mak, M., Reinhart-King, C.A., Erickson, D., “Elucidating Mechanical Transition Effects of Invading Cancer Cells with a Subnucleus-Scaled Microfluidic Serial Dimensional Modulation Device” Lab-on-a-Chip 13 (3), 340-348 (2013).
    Cornell Docket 5947
    Patent Filed: PCT/US13/44937
  8. Apparatus, methods, and applications for point of care multiplexed diagnostics
    Related Paper #1: Mancuso, M., Jiang, L., Cesarman, E., Erickson, D., “Multiplexed Colorimetric Detection of Kaposi’s Sarcoma Associated Herpes Virus and Bacillary Angiomatosis DNA using Gold and Silver Nanoparticles” Nanoscale 5, 1678-1686 (2013).
    Cornell Docket 5794
    Patent Filed: PCT/US13/26127
  9. High Resolution Reversible Color Images on Photonic Crystal Substrates
    Related Paper #1: Kang, P, Erickson, D. “High Resolution Reversible Color Images on Photonic Crystal Substrates” Langmuir 27, 9676-9680 (2011).
    Cornell Docket 5469
    Provisional Patent Filed
  10. Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Apparatus, Methods, and Application
    Cornell Docket 5319
    Patent Filed: US 13/597,688
  11. Optical trapping apparatus, methods and applications using photonic crystal resonators
    Related Paper #1: Chen Y.-F., Serey, X., Sarkar, R., Chen, P., Erickson, D., “Controlled photonic manipulation of proteins and other nanomaterials” Nano Letters 12 (3), 1633-1637 (2012).
    Related Paper #2: Kang, P., Serey, X., Chen, Y.-F., Erickson, D., “Angular Orientation of Nanorods using Nanophotonic Tweezers” Nano Letters 12, 6400-6407 (2012).
    Cornell Docket 5224
    Patent Issued: US 9,057,825
    Patent Filed: China 201180059282
    Patent Filed: Europe 2011831678
    Patent Filed: Japan 2013-532973
    Patent Filed: Korea 10-2013-7011717
    Licensed by Optofluidics, Inc.
  12. Optofluidic photobioreactor apparatus, method, and applications
    Related Paper #1: Erickson, D., Sinton, D., Psaltis, D., “Optofluidics for energy applications” Nature Photonics 5, 583-590 (2011).
    Related Paper #2: Jung, E.E., Kalontarov, M., Doud, D.F.R., Ooms, M.D., Angenent, L.T., Sinton, D., Erickson, D., “Slab waveguide photobioreactors for microalgae based biofuel production” Lab-on-a-Chip, 12, 3740–3745 (2012).
    Cornell Docket 5200
    Patent Issued: US 9,518,248
    Patent Filed: Europe 20110841822
    Patent Filed: China: 201180065337.
  13. Optofluidic apparatus, method, and application
    Related Paper #1: Jung, E. E., Erickson, D., “Continuous operation of a hybrid solid-liquid state reconfigurable photonic system without resupply of liquids” Lab-on-a-Chip 12, 2575-2579 (2012).
    Related Paper #2: Chung, A.J., Erickson, D. “Optofluidic Waveguides for Reconfigurable Photonic Systems” Optics Express 19(9) 8602-8609 (2011).
    Cornell Docket 4922
    US Patent Issued: US 8,861,904.
  14. Nanofilter devices using elastomeric micro to nanochannel interfaces and methods based thereon
    Related Paper #1: Park, S.M., Huh, Y.S., Craighead, H.G., Erickson, D., “A method for nanofluidic device prototyping using elastomeric collapse” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – USA 106, 15549-15554 (2009).
    Cornell Docket 4785
    Patent Issued: US 8,691,588
  15. Enhanced On-Chip SERS Based Biomolecular Detection Using Electrokinetically Active Microwells
    Related Paper #1: Huh, Y.S., Chung, A.J., Cordovez, B., Erickson , D., “Enhanced on-chip SERS based biomolecular detection using electrokinetically active microwells.” Lab-on-a-Chip 9, 433-439 (2009). Cornell Docket 4519
    US Patent Issued: US 9,057,099
    Patent Filed: Europe: EP20090821197.
  16. Optical force based biomolecular analysis in slot waveguides
    Related Paper #1: Yang, A.H.J., Moore, S.D., Schmidt, B.S, Klug, M., Lipson, M., Erickson, D., “Optical Manipulation of Nanoparticles and Biomolecules in Sub-Wavelength Slot Waveguides” Nature 457, 71-75 (2009).
    Cornell Docket 4438
    US Patent Issued: 9,322,995
    Patent Filed: China 200980145053
    Patent Filed: Europe 20110831678.
    Licensed by Optofluidics, Inc.
  17. Nanoscale Optofluidic Devices for Biomolecular Detection
    Related Paper#1: Mandal, S., Goddard, J,., Erickson, D., “A Multiplexed Optofluidic Biomolecular Sensor for Low Mass Detection” Lab on a chip 9, 2924-2932 (2009)
    Cornell Docket 4186
    US Patent Issued: US 9,410,892.
  18. System and method for optically driven separations using fluid filled core optical fibers
    Related Paper #1: Mandal, S., Erickson D., “Optofluidic Transport in Liquid Core Waveguiding Structures” Applied Physics Letters, 90, 184103 (2007).
    Cornell Docket 4030
    Patent Issued: US 8,552,363
  19. Combined electrostatic and optical waveguide based microfluidic chip systems for bio-molecule and bio-entity detection and processing.
    California Institute of Technology
    Patent Issued: US 7,385,460.